Call for Expression of Interest to conduct a CEE Systematic Review

CEE is opening a call for Expressions of Interest to conduct of a CEE Systematic Review of evidence for the effectiveness of climate change mitigation (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions reductions and carbon capture and storage) in the areas of energy, land use and urban development in middle income countries.

Expression of interest should present a specific review question within this broad area and demonstrate a need for this evidence expressed by the end user community. The latter will be a major criterion in the final selection of proposals. It is expected that the review will commence in 2016 and take approximately 1 year to complete. Funding in the region of 70K USD is available.

Initial submissions of interest should be no more than two pages of A4 with minimum 12 point font size. Please provide the following information;
1. The review question
2. The definitions of question elements
3. The theory of change that the review will test
4. The review team and key systematic review skills and experience of each team member
5. The end user interest in the review, particularly the end user involvement in generating the question.
6. A draft timeline and budget (including cost of CEE registration and publishing)

Expressions of interest should be sent to by 15th August 2016. Please write ‘Expression of Interest’ in the subject line.

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