CEE Chair to attend Swedish Royal Colloquium

CEE Chair of Trustees, Andrew Pullin, has been invited by King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden to attend his Royal Colloquium ‘Environmental reality: Rethinking the options’

The 2016 Royal Colloquium to be held on May 23-25th is planned to be the final activity in the Colloquium series and will provide an opportunity to draw on the experiences and results from earlier events as well as providing a message for future research and action.

Previous colloquia covered a broad number of subjects including water, energy, agriculture, and climate, with geographical foci ranging from coastal areas to mountains and from tropical regions to the Arctic. With this wide range of examples in mind, it is possible to explore the trends and critical factors which are forming history as well as providing challenges and opportunities for the future.

How to get from knowledge to action has been a recurring theme in all earlier colloquia. Complexity, resilience and vulnerability are systems concepts which have been put forward in the analysis. However, it was also emphasized that action and implementation are critically dependent on institutions and ultimately on values and trust in society. Thus, the program of the Royal Colloquium 2016 will revisit some of the recurring themes of previous colloquia with cross-cutting general aspects in mind, focusing not only on problem descriptions but also on opportunities and possible solutions.

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