The Guidance and Standards Team oversees development of CEE guidance and standards for Evidence Synthesis and ensures they are continually updated so that they incorporate the latest developments in evidence synthesis methodology.

CEE has now launched Version 5.1 of the Guidelines. All new chapters have been subject to external peer-review and some are being published as a special series in the CEE journal Environmental Evidence.

Current members of the Gudelines Team are (other contributors are co-opted as appropriate)

Geoff Frampton, Barbara Livoreil, Gillian Petrokofsky & Andrew Pullin


The CEE encourages the formulation of ‘Methods Groups’ by people with a common interest in any aspect of methodology relating to the use of evidence-based practice (EBP) in environmental management.

Methods Groups form to discuss and develop aspects of EBP from question-setting and stakeholder consultation through data synthesis to communicating review outcomes to end users. By fostering the development of such groups it is hoped that both CEE and the individuals involved will gain from the engagement and interaction among those with a common interest in setting new standards in EBP.

All groups must have clear objectives, subject scope and annual work programmes that relate to the overall objectives of CEE. Groups will be required to report annually on progress and are expected to raise their own funding to support group activities. Groups can first register their interest by proposing establishment of web pages on the CEE website. Such groups will be called ad hoc methods groups. More formal recognition and adoption as a CEE methods group will require approval from the CEE Board following a trial period of at least one year.

For questions relating to the current version of the Guidelines please contact