The Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité (FRB) is a foundation for scientific cooperation about biodiversity and ecosystems. It acts as a science-policy-society interface encouraging dialogue and joint projects and calls thanks to its scientific council and it Stakeholders Advisory Board (more than 170 institutional members). It also works closely with various ministries such as those in charge of ecology, agriculture, research and oversea territories.

The FRB became the French Centre of the Collaboration in August 2015 and will develop a roadmap to support various initiatives such as:

  1. Promoting and explaining the methodology of systematic reviews
  2. Providing and organising training sessions for possible review teams
  3. Initiate dialogue with commissioners to define suitable questions and realistic expectations
  4. Working at launching calls for tenders for systematic reviews
  5. Welcoming review teams in our Centre for Synthesis and Analysis for Biodiversity (CESAB, Aix-en-Provence)

Systematic reviews have been the basis for a national “Collective expertise” approach in France. There is an active Cochrane Centre in Paris. Yet systematic maps and reviews in environmental management are poorly known so far. We aim to help promoting them in French-speaking countries.

In the coming months we plan to establish a Steering committee and design a roadmap in order to plan our activities, exchanges with other centres and liaise efficiently with CEE.

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