What can the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence do for you?

CEE provides a number of free resources to authors of evidence syntheses. Many of these resources are explained in the video below by Ruth Garside during her presentation at ESMARConf2022Watch this video to learn why evidence synthesis matters, what CEE is and how it can help you, and how you can get involved.

Free resources for authors

Guidelines and Standards for Evidence Synthesis in Environmental Management – a set of detailed guidelines for the planning and conduct of CEE Evidence Syntheses

Critical appraisal tool –  a tool for evaluating ‘risk of bias’ (or threats to internal validity) of primary studies assessing effectiveness of interventions or impacts of exposures in environmental management (under development)

ROSES – a set of detailed state-of-the art forms for ensuring evidence syntheses report their methods to the highest possible standards

CADIMA – a free-to-use software that can assist authors in recording, conducting and reporting CEE Evidence Syntheses

PROCEED – a global registration system for titles and protocols of environmental evidence reviews and syntheses

Resources for stakeholder engagement – a summary of tools available to support stakeholder engagement while conducting evidence syntheses