The following updates have been made to the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence Guidelines and Standards for Evidence Synthesis in Environmental Management Version 5.0:

March 15th 2021 – Links to CEE Critical Appraisal Tool added to Sections 3.5 and 8.2.

September 3rd 2020 – Minor rewording of Section 10.3.1 for clarity.

September 2nd 2020 – Additions to Section 2.2 on Stakeholder engagement. Information on ROSES checklists added to Section 3.1. Updated references and corrections made to Section 3.2. References list updated.

August 11th 2020 – Minor edits made to ‘standards for conduct and reporting’ in Sections 5-9.

Last updated March 15th 2019 – Section 6, Standard 4 updated to reflect that dual screening of a subsample of full texts may be acceptable when article numbers are high.

Last updated March 8th 2019 – Sections 5 & 6, changes were to reflect use of ROSES reporting standards.

November 9th 2018 – Section 3, corrections to subsection numbering were made.

November 2nd 2018 – Section 3, Box 3.5, corrected to indicate that if there are any factors, other than the intended intervention or exposure, that may have influenced the outcome it is a high risk of bias, not low risk of bias.

October 10th 2018 – Section 8: Box 8.1, Example 2 was changed to include both internal and external validity.

July 4th 2018 – Section 4: the format and templates guidance was updated in line with the changes to the journal instructions for authors.