Is translocation of problematic jaguars (Panthera onca) an effective strategy to resolve human-predator conflicts? (systematic review)

In the case of the jaguar (Panthera onca), predation on domestic animals is closely
associated with the decrease of available natural prey due to hunting and habitat loss. In
spite of the low impact of jaguar predation on livestock populations, the conflict-related
hunting of this predator is one of the major threats to its conservation. Several measures
have been developed to curb the hunting of jaguars. Among them, the translocation of
problem animals has the support of most conservationists, basically because it aims to
solve the predation issue without eradicating individuals. This paper, therefore, seeks to
assess the outcomes of jaguar relocation programs over the animal‟s entire range so as to
determine whether this management intervention can be effective in improving the
conservation status of jaguar populations by tackling conflict-related hunting activities.

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