Evidence based disease control methods in potato production: a systematic map protocol


Several challenges, e.g. global trade, population growth, and climate change create future challenges for food production and food safety. In order to meet this, we need to secure and increase agricultural production with minimal environmental impact. Potato (Solanum tuberosum) ranks as one of the world’s most important crops for human consumption. While potato production and consumption have decreased in Europe and North America, global production has grown in the last decades due to the expansion of potato consumption in Asia. Potato is vulnerable to a wide range of pathogenic organisms, all of which can cause severe quality and yield losses. As a consequence, potato production is highly reliant on pesticide use, and this has a negative effect on the sustainability of the crop. To mitigate these problems, effective and evidence based crop protection recommendations need to be provided to growers.

Methods and output

The overarching aim of this project is to support the development of better methods of integrated pest management (IPM), as well as to identify alternative control methods for potato diseases to contribute to effective plant protection solutions and a more sustainable potato production. The specific objective of this systematic map is to provide a worldwide overview of plant disease protection measures available for potato production. All methods to control diseases within different cropping systems will be considered, such as pesticide application, biological control methods, resistant cultivars as well as disease support systems and tools for diagnosis. The systematic map will be presented as a searchable database where the volume and main characteristics of the relevant scientific literature will be described. We will identify evidence clusters and knowledge gaps in potato disease management and identify future research areas, and in this way contribute to new and innovative solutions. The map will provide important information and support for researchers and stakeholders, in particular authorities and advisory organizations. It will also help to select topics for future systematic reviews and meta-studies within potato research.


Solanum tuberosum, Plant diseases, Plant protection, Starch potato, Table potato

In progress