Thematic Groups are composed of people, experts in their field from around the world, who share an interest in undertaking and maintaining systematic reviews within a specific topic area.

Each Thematic Group has a Leader who coordinates the development of review activity within the topic area and acts as a Subject Editor for the Environmental Evidence Journal. Thematic Group Leader is a voluntary position with the responsibility for submitting an annual report of group activity to the CEE Executive Office.

Typical activities of a Thematic Group are:

  • Promoting the systematic review process and disseminating the results within the topic area.
  • Interacting with appropriate stakeholder groups to develop review questions and to encourage commissioning of systematic reviews to address these questions.
  • Providing supportive advice and feedback to those wishing to engage in systematic review activity.
  • Maintaining regular communication with the CEE Executive Office concerning Review Group activity.
  • Facilitating submission of protocols and reviews to the Environmental Evidence Journal from a diverse range of authors from their topic area.
  • Encouraging an open, inclusive and supportive collaboration of professionals.

The CEE encourages scientific experts in environment management and conservation who are interested in participating in Thematic Groups covering specific topic areas to contact the CEE at