Carina van Rooyen

Carina holds a PhD in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, for work on water governance in South Africa. She co-directs the South African centre of CEE, hosted at the Africa Centre for Evidence (ACE), University of Johannesburg, and serves as member of the CEEDER Review College. She works with government colleagues at national and provincial levels to support the use of evidence in decision-making re environmental policies and practices. For this they co-produce evidence syntheses, especially policy-relevant evidence maps and rapid reviews. Carina is also co-founder of the Africa Evidence Network, a network of nearly 3000 members across Africa (and beyond) supporting the use of evidence in decision-making for Africa’s development. And Carina leads the ACE portfolio on Evidence Capacities to enhance the African evidence ecosystem at individual, organisational and systems levels with necessary and relevant skills, values and behaviours.