Trina Rytwinski

Trina completed her PhD at Carleton University in 2012 working with Dr. Lenore Fahrig in the Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Lab (GLEL) ( There she studied the circumstances in which roads and traffic affect wildlife populations. After taking some maternity leave, she returned to the GLEL as a Post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Fahrig (2013-2016) focusing on two main road ecology themed topics; (1) determining ways to improve knowledge on the influence of mitigation measures on wildlife populations through experiments, and (2) assessing the effectiveness of mitigation measures intended to decrease road related impacts on wildlife through meta-analysis. Trina joined the Canadian Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation ( in 2016 where she works as a project manager conducting evidence syntheses and meta-analyses to help inform various Canadian government agencies. Trina is also a Research Scientist, working with Dr. Steven Cooke (Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Lab) ( and Dr. Joseph Bennett (Bennett Lab) (, and Contract Instructor at Carleton University. Trina is endorsed as a Collaboration for Environmental Evidence trainer.

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