Resources for Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging stakeholders with evidence and uncertainty

This toolkit is for policy-makers who want to engage with evidence and with stakeholders in their decision-making process. And for impact evaluators or evidence synthesis teams who want to engage stakeholders in the production and use of their research. Their relevant evidence may come from formal studies or from stakeholders – policy makers, those people required to implement decisions taken, those people affected by the decisions and researchers.

This toolkit was developed by the Africa Centre for Evidence at the University of Johannesburg , and the EPPI-Centre at UCL Social Research Institute with UK Aid funding through the Centre for Excellence in Development Impact and Learning. The toolkit is maintained with funding from The International Development Research Centre (IDRC - Canada).

Stakeholder engagement in systematic reviews and maps

Special issue in the Environmental Evidence Journal

Stakeholder engagement is an integral part of all systematic reviews to some degree. However, there has been little discussion of this important process in systematic review guidance to date, particularly in the field of environmental management and conservation. This series of commentary articles discusses various aspects of engaging with stakeholders: describing the ranges of methods available, outlining experiences from various systematic review experts, and discussing issues relating to conflict, the benefits of training, engaging directly with decision-makers, and communicating review results.

Edited by Neal Haddaway and Sally Crowe