Given the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic and uncertainties about travel in the near future, and with the support of the CEE Board of Trustees, we have decided to postpone the Environmental Evidence Summit until at least 2022.

CEE is pleased to announce an exciting monthly webinar series to showcase the content that was to be presented at EES2020 in Ottawa! The entire webinar series will be freely available and recordings will be posted online following each session on our YouTube channel.

Click here to view the session details, past recordings, and register now!

Session Title

Date Time
Evidence-based decision making and the use of evidence syntheses by the Canadian Federal government August 11 2020 10:00 EST
Evidence Synthesis Technology September 8 2020 6:00 EST
Developing generic theories of change for key conservation strategies as a basis for generating, accessing, and using evidence. October 13 2020 10:00 EST
Mobilizing knowledge for evidence-based approaches in the anthropocene – Part 1 November 10 2020 15:00 EST
Mobilizing knowledge for evidence-based approaches in the anthropocene – Part 2 November 23 2020 15:00 EST
Plotting a course for strengthening the conservation evidence base: integrating multi-actor perspectives December  8 2020 10:00 EST
Evidence syntheses in “Eco-health”: exploring interactions between the environment and human health and well-being January 12 2021 10:00 EST
Evidence co-production and use in environmental policy processes in Africa February 9 2021 7:30 EST
Comparing rapid and systematic review methods for environmental evidence: benefits and limitations of different approaches March 9 2021 16:00 EST
Advances in agricultural evidence April 13 2021 9:00 EST
Qualitative evidence synthesis: using qualitative evidence to inform decision making May 11 2021 9:00 EST
Learning with each other: promoting cross sectoral collaboration for evidence synthesis June 8 2021 10:00 EST