Effectiveness of mycofiltration for removal of contaminants from water: a systematic review protocol


Mycofiltration is an environment friendly technology which involves the treatment of contaminated water by passing it through a network of fungal mycelium. This technology has gained momentum over the years, and the systematic review chartered in this protocol will compile and synthesise literature on mycofiltration studies, paying special attention to the types and levels of contaminants removed. The systematic review should provide insight into the removal efficiency of mycofiltration by synthesising the mycofiltration knowledge base. Moreover, the proposed contribution will inform further research and provide comprehensive information to relevant stakeholders, such as municipalities, which might be in need of interventions for alleviating wastewater-related pollution in surrounding water bodies.


This systematic review protocol is based on the question, “What is the effectiveness of mycofiltration for removal of contaminants from water?” A thorough search of peer reviewed journal articles and grey literature sources will be conducted on academic journal databases, websites, specialist sources such as environmental organisations as well social and networking sources. A supplemental search will also be performed by forward and backward citation tracing. A two-stage screening process at title, abstract and full text level, will be conducted, against predefined inclusion criteria. Studies that meet inclusion criteria will be subjected to quality assessment. Data will be extracted and compiled into a narrative synthesis and summarised into tables and figures. Meta-analysis will be performed where sufficient evidence-base allows.


Mycofiltration, Contaminated water, Systematic review, Effectiveness

In progress